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Premises Liability

Premises Liability Claims

Property owners are naturally responsible for maintaining their property and making it safe for visitors. Also, since animals are a form of personal property, animal owners are responsible for their animals' behavior and any damages caused in an attack. If you are the victim of an accident resulting from premises liability, speak with an Albuquerque Personal Injury Attorney from our firm today.

Slip and fall accidents are the most common cause of premises liability claims. Anyone who slips or trips and suffers serious personal injury should be compensated by the property owner or other party responsible for keeping the walkways clean and clear of hazards. Dog bites are also a form of premises liability. Our firm can help you gather evidence to hold the pet owner responsible for your injuries, which can result in scars and serious infection. Our firm also handles cases of negligent security and can help you fight for compensation after you have fallen victim to a violent crime due to inadequate or negligent security measures on public or private property.

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Speak with an attorney from our firm right away through a free initial consultation. Our legal team would love to review your case and help you determine the best action to take. Attorney David Ray Rosales is a former insurance defense attorney and can use his insight to ensure that you are treated fairly and equitably by insurance carriers. We can protect your interests due to our knowledge of insurance company tactics. Our ultimate goal is to help you obtain the results you deserve after suffering a terrifying and damaging bicycle accident. 

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