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Hines vs. Riverside Funeral Homes

Jury Trial Victory!

Jury Trial Victory! Rosales Law Group, P.C., Attorneys establish Riverside Funeral Home Did Not Mishandle Body: JURY FINDS RIVERSIDE FUNERAL HOME OF BELEN ACTED APPROPRIATELY

Rosales Law Group, P.C., was involved in and victoriously defended Riverside Funeral Home of Belen's complex "body parts" case of Charles Hines, Jr., and Gayle Naile vs. Bio Care Southwest, Inc., Robert C. Noblin, Jr., d/b/a Riverside Funeral Home of Belen, et. al., No.:  D-202-CV-2010-06526.

PRESS RELEASE: Albuquerque, NM, November 1, 2012-  Following four (4) days of trial evidence and testimony before State District Court Judge Clay Campbell, an Albuquerque Jury handed out a decision in the case involving allegations against Riverside Funeral Home of Belen for mishandling the body of the late Charles Hines, Sr. The Jury considered evidence and cross-examination by David Ray Rosales of Rosales Law Group, P.C., of a key witness, Paul Montano, Principal for Bio Care, concerning its role in disposing of as many as Fourteen (14) bodies whose partial or whole remains were found in a medical waste incineration facility in Kansas City. Among the remains found were those of Charles Hines, Sr., whose son and daughter, Plaintiffs in the present lawsuit, asked the Jury to consider Riverside Funeral Home's involvement in cremating a body that was later found not to be the body of the late Charles Hines, Sr. This discovery was made months after his body was presumed to be cremated when his entire head, torso, limbs and arms were found with the whole or partial bodies of other cadavers. The bodies had all been wholly or partly been provided to Bio Care, owned by Paul Montano, for donation of body parts for research purposes. Riverside Funeral Home was charged with cremating the bodily remains of Charles Hines, Sr., when delivery of a box marked and identified as the remains of Charles Hines, Sr., were made to the funeral home.

The Rosales Law Group, P.C., attorneys, David Ray Rosales and James Douglas Green, offered evidence to the jury in defense of Riverside Funeral Home from October 26, 2012 through November 1, 2012. The jury returned a verdict of no breach of contract, no negligence, and no engaging of unfair trade practices for Defendant Robert C. Noblin, d/b/a Riverside Funeral Home of Belen. The Judgment entered in this case ultimately will be that the Plaintiffs, Charles Hines, Jr. and Gayle Naile, take nothing by their claims against Defendant Robert C. Noblin, d/b/a Riverside Funeral Home of Belen.